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Friday, March 9th @ 6:30pm Beginners Inversion Workshop $12

Inversions are some of the most beneficial yet most feared postures in Yoga. This workshop is the perfect space to let go of any fears and learn all about how turning your world upside down can benefit the body. 
There are MANY small steps AND modifications that we can take towards the full expression of these postures, So even if you have no experience at all with inversions, don’t let that stop you from coming to learn. You may surprise yourself! And with a little daily effort, over time you can be floating seamlessly into headstand throughout your practice. 
My goal is to set you up with some awesome tips and exercises to work on at home to build a strong foundation. And also to give each person the support they need to feel confident WHEREVER they are at in their Inversion journey! ❤️
Physically, inversions strengthen our arms, core & shoulders, and train our body to work as a unit. So, In this workshop we will work through each area of the body as it relates to an inversion and we will use the wall, props and a partner to assist us in the following:
Tripod headstand, traditional headstand, forearm stand, hand stand. 

Bring a friend, no need to pre-register
This is a FUN, casual, not so serious workshop and I can’t wait to see you all there!!!

Please call Transcend Physical Therapy, ASK FOR DENISE,  if you have any questions 517-486-5278