Welcome to Bliss Yoga & Fitness!

The mission of Bliss Yoga and Fitness is to provide a venue to promote health and wellness for all people across the spectrum of physical fitness - whether you are a seasoned pro or a delightful beginner. We would love to share the journey to an improved YOU!

Bliss Yoga has humbly grown from being taught in a physical therapy clinic years ago to now being run in its own building in downtown Blissfield, Michigan. With the move to a bigger space, it allowed for the addition of fitness classes and, thus, Bliss Yoga AND Fitness was born.

We aim to be an extremely inviting and welcoming location. A challenge that some people have is from an anticipated feeling of inferiority from coming to a place to exercise - PLEASE do not let that hold you prisoner. Only two things matter: that everyone wants to improve their health here, and everyone had to start somewhere!  You will find that this community is such a loving and kind group!

The studio is only open during class times. Check out the tabs above for the appropriate information. For any other information, please contact Denise at our affiliate Transcend Physical Therapy at 517.486.5278.