Royal Yoga Studio will soon be taking over the studio!

The mission of Bliss Yoga and Fitness has always been to provide a venue to promote health and wellness for all people across the spectrum of physical fitness - whether you are a seasoned pro or a delightful beginner.

Bliss Yoga and Fitness has humbly grown from being taught in a physical therapy clinic years ago to now being run in its own building in downtown Blissfield, Michigan. We have been extremely blessed by this journey and have been so humbled by the opportunity to keep the practice of yoga alive in Blissfield!  We are so pleased that Blissfield-native, Jess Jeffery, will soon be setting up shop with Royal Yoga, right here in our studio! She will, without a doubt, bring new energy to this wonderful yoga community, allowing the studio to expand and touch even more lives with her passion and love of yoga. In speaking with her, her enthusiasm for the future is palpable as she has plans to increase class offerings and be more present in the community of Blissfield. We have a wonderful team of teachers at Bliss Yoga & Fitness and Jessica is working hard to build an amazing class schedule with these wonderful souls and even a few new teachers! 

While we are grateful beyond words for the time that we have owned Bliss Yoga & Fitness, we are so excited for what the future holds for Blissfield with Royal Yoga! 

Please check out Royal Yoga's website at to learn more about the studio, class schedule, and upcoming events!